mattress for athletes


mattress for athletes
mattress for athletes
Designed for athletes and active people
Perfect blend of comfort and support
Powered by CELLIANT® infrared technology
mattress for athletes
Designed for athletes and active people
Determined by FDA, USA as a Class 1 device
Perfect blend of comfort and support
Powered by Celliant® infrared technology

Your Personal Powerhouse

Sleepathon performance mattress is a product of pure innovation and technology. Made with mineral enriched performance fabric that uses infrared energy to improve your athletic performance, enhance sleep quality and faster muscle recovery.

celliant fabric

Powered by CELLIANT®

Clinically tested & scientifically proven

Natural thermo reactive minerals woven into fabric for a super charged sleep.
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Copper Gel Memory Foam

India's first copper gel memory foam

Your excessive body heat is absorbed making you sleep cooler.
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Faster Muscle Recovery

Full spectrum infrared energy

Your body heat is transformed into infrared energy for faster muscle recovery.
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best mattress for athletes
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Faster, Cooler and Longer Sleep

Sleepathon performance mattress is engineered for faster, cooler and longer sleep. The first mattress in India to use copper gel memory foam to absorb excess body heat.

Unparalleled Comfort and Support for a Perfect Sleep

With advanced pressure relieving and posture correct technology, Sleepathon uses CopperCoolTM Foam, a copper infused gel memory foam that absorbs excessive body heat so you sleep cooler and faster. You sleep more comfortably with the precision of PressureResponseTM foam that promotes natural sleeping posture. The core of the mattress is made with high density 100% sleep grade SupportCoreTM foam that supports your back and aligns your spine in natural s shape.

Perform Harder. Sleep Better. Recover Faster

Ever imagined a mattress that can improve your strength, intensity or stamina? Sleepathon Performance Mattress is powered by CELLIANT® Technology that energizes you when you sleep, recovers your muscles and enhances the quality of sleep. You feel more rested, recovered and energized to take on the day.

It starts when you stop

Sleepathon performance mattress starts energizing you on the cellular level by converting your body heat into infrared energy that increases cell oxygenation and promotes faster muscle recovery. It doesn’t stop here, it enhances your sleep quality so you sleep longer, deeper, cooler and faster. Need more reasons to buy the mattress?

Improves performance

Faster muscle recovery

Sleep cooler and faster

Wake up energized

Loves your back

Excellence and Expertise of 125 Years

Sleepathon Performance Mattress is designed and developed in close collaboration with professional Ironman athletes and renowned global mattress brand – KING KOIL. King Koil is one of the oldest mattress brands globally incepted in 1898, with an astounding global presence in more than 100 countries worldwide with the only vision to bridge the gap between high quality sleep and a life well lived.

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Since 1898

120+ Years in Bedding Industry

Approved by ICA & FCER, USA

Premium Global Mattress Brand

100% Pure Sleep Grade Foam

Available in 100+ Countries

100+ Million Happy Sleepers

A Scientific Blend of Natural Minerals

CELLIANT® is a patented, scientific blend of natural, thermo-reactive minerals and a blend of 88 trace elements which have been encapsulated into yarns and fabrics. These minerals and elements have the ability to capture the body’s heat, converting it into full-spectrum infrared energy which helps you perform harder, sleep better and recover faster.

It won’t wash out or lose its effectiveness

CELLIANT® when embedded into the core of the fabric won’t lose its property of energy absorption or reflection even after heavy usage or washing. It is ultra durable and will remain potent which means it won’t lose its power even till the lifetime of our performance mattress.

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Faster muscle recovery
Increased local circulation
Improved cellular oxygenation
Temperature regulation
Quick drying
Odor inhibiting

Trusted by brands globally

CELLIANT®  technology is at the core of world-class brands across
multiple industries and products. Everything from apparel to mattresses and bedding, wetsuits to office furniture, uniforms to products for animals. Products that help you recover faster, perform harder and sleep better.

A mattress that contours your body

Sleepathon performance mattress lets you sleep in your natural sleeping position, adapts and contours your body. With its cutting edge CopperCoolTM Foam it helps you sleep cooler, absorbs excessive body heat and relieves pressures from your muscles and joints.

Copper is one of the best natural semiconductors of heat energy. Using copper in the memory foam, it helps absorb the excessive heat and your body is able to regulate the temperature more efficiently so, you fall asleep quicker and stay cool throughout the night.

Sleepathon performance mattress uses the most advanced textile technology i.e. CELLIANT®. CELLIANT® is scientifically created and clinically tested. With its proprietary blend of thermo-reactive minerals and 88 trace elements, it converts body heat into infrared energy hat promotes faster muscle recovery, increased blood flow and cellular oxygenation

Sleepathon performance mattress is a medium firm memory foam mattress that is designed especially for professional athletes and active people. As it is a medium firm mattress, it the perfect balance of comfort and support with pressure relieving and body contouring features.

Sleepathon performance mattress is designed by professional ironman athlete and is manufactured by the oldest premium mattress brand. It uses performance fabric CELLIANT®, which helps athletes and active people recover faster and improves their performance.

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We understand how important it is for a professional athlete to know what works best for them. As sleep is the most important factor for increasing your performance, it is good to understand what would help you achieve your best, everyday.